Creative idea

Carmen Alessio

Fashion designer


Carmen Alessio, at the creative direction of the maison Starevolution, takes on the catwalk modular, dreamy garments with feminine cuts for a contemporary wardrobe full of colour.

The zip encloses the concept of the brand.
It is the key element for a unique style that goes beyond the trends of the moment, creating a real revolution in the field of fashion.

A trendy and original collection that amazes for its innovation and versatility. Carmen is inspired by the colours of her land, her beloved Campania, from the shades of a unique sunset, to the blue charm of the Mediterranean sea to the green of the lush hills of Cilento.

Women of different ages, cultures and lifestyles wear
Starevolution down jackets, expression of a modern and accessible elegance.

Carmen has a corporate philosophy based on the fusion of
research of materials, study of archives, traditional processes and knowledge of the most innovative production techniques.

Starevolution down jackets are no longer just outerwear, but the result of passion, devotion and dedication with a particular attention to the codes of contemporary fashion.



“I love animals, so I chose not to use goose feathers.
I have worthily replaced it with high quality eco-feather, which gives the garment the same softness and warmth. I am a strong supporter of eco-fashion…”