A new concept of down jacket

The outerwear is composed of three interchangeable and reversible modules, which, thanks to the use of the four side zips, can be detached and brought back to create new combinations.

Unique and contemporary garments

A real revolution in fashion. A collection of modular down jackets for everyone. A contemporary, transformable and functional garment that saves space, time and money.

Different garments with a zip

Starevolution proposes a new concept of down jacket that gives the possibility to transform the outfit. Every down jacket is equipped with a module that allows you to modify the garment. In short, with a purchase, you can change your look in different ways thanks to the different colors and fabrics.


Carmen Alessio has thought of the interchangeability of the single garment. When drawing, the designer already thinks of each piece as an element that can enter into harmony with another, thus creating a different and unique garment each time.